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We’re Passionate About Trucking & Transport

Felkin Bros, Inc. is a full service freight shipping and trucking company running freight hauling business from Sacramento, California. We are highly experienced in and extremely passionate about transportation services. Thorough background checks, drug tests and additional criteria help us to ensure that your freight is secure with our reliable and competent drivers. Our professional administrative representatives are diligent about strategic planning; their aim is to explore every option to guarantee your convenience. Our team has made a commitment to quick, efficient and detailed communication to assure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

  • Our 5 Principles

    Setting our main objective to providing only the best service, Felkin Bros, Inc keep each other accountable. Every member is held to high standards and is expected to operate under 5 Principles: safety, quality, integrity, reliability, and commitment.
    •  Safety

       Safety is of utmost importance to our family. We understand that you have entrusted us with valuable material and therefore handle your transportation requirements from the moment of pickup until delivery with great care using the latest and well-maintained fleets. Our fleets are inspected regularly to ensure that your load makes it to its destination and our driver-home without any incident. In the business of transportation, we do not take shortcuts. Realizing that the motivation of it is safety, we follow the law diligently, comply with government regulations and stray away from risks. This includes risky drivers; our drivers have demonstrated their commitment to safety via alcohol and drug tests, experience, background check, and reference. When we say that safety is our top priority, we mean it.

    •  Reliability

      We know first hand that due dates and being on time is crucial for any business. In order to help you stay on schedule, we have made reliability part of the fabric of who we are. We vow to always be here for you so that your deliveries are on time, your projects are finished with ease, and your business grows successfully. Flexibility and adaptability are key to us and allow us to meet any level of urgency. You can count on us to accomplish our duty in a timely fashion.

    •  Commitment

      The bottom line is that Felkin Bros is committed to you. We would love to come along side of you and be a part of your success story. Building a long-term relationship with you would bring us lot of joy and pleasure. The existing relationships that our dedicated and ambitious team built is of great value to us, but we also value new contacts to whom we also pledge our commitment of hard work and excellence.

    • Quality

      Felkin Bros is rooted in quality; we have high expectations for the type of service we deliver and the kind of equipment we utilize. Creative and knowledgeable individuals make up our team, and so we pool our strengths and talents together to collectively accommodate you, exceeding every expectation in the process. We promise that we are hard at work to eliminate errors and omissions until freight is delivered to its destination.

    •  Integrity

      Our family has pledged to act according to the highest ethical standards. Further, we never compromise; this holds true even when the right way is unprofitable and seems impossible. We tolerate no discrepancy between our promises and our actions. We actively pursue honesty, authenticity and soundness of character.

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Hope you give the Felkin Family an opportunity to serve you!